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Remote collaboration is today’s reality, but Owl Labs believe it’s so much more. Working from anywhere (WFA) allows us all to thrive — opening perspectives and creating new opportunities in our work and our lives. That’s why they’re building the most revolutionary collaboration technology the world has ever seen.

Product Types

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360° Video Conferencing

Premium 360° camera, mic, and speaker that creates the most immersive meeting experience for hybrid teams.

Whiteboard Cameras

Dedicated whiteboard cameras that enable remote participants to clearly and easily view the meeting room’s whiteboard.

Expansion Microphones

For larger conference rooms, the Owl Labs Expansion Mic extends audio pick-up range by 8 more feet, up to 26 feet around the Meeting Owl.

Mobile Camera Mounts

The tripod can be carried from room to room as needed and helps ensure that distributed teams can see and hear everyone in virtually any meeting room.

Featured Products

Meeting Owl 3

Premium 360° camera

See and hear everything with 360° in-room video and audio and the upgraded Owl Intelligence System (OIS™) that uses computer vision to automatically focus on whoever is speaking

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Whiteboard Owl

Dedicated whiteboard camera

Dedicated whiteboard cameras that enable remote participants to clearly and easily view the meeting room’s whiteboard. No more swiveling a laptop around to show remote participants what’s being written and brainstormed, only for them to need to lean close to their webcam in an attempt to read the board.

Meeting OwL 3 + Owl Bar

Ultimate duo for 360° collaboration.

The Meeting Owl 3 and Owl Bar team up to capture all angles of the room and share the best view of in-room participants, no matter where they're seated. In rooms where people are facing the screen and each other, this duo makes sure everyone's faces are always visible, so remote participants don't miss a thing.

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Featured Insight

How Andela Uses the Meeting Owl Pro to Keep Globally Distributed Software Engineers Connected

Pre-Meeting Owl, Andela's conference rooms included a regular front facing camera, for 10-20 people and a microphone. A newly-hired remote employee became frustrated at this setup, as she couldn’t see her colleagues' faces — only the back of their heads. It was challenging for her to feel included, as she struggled to hear or be heard in group meetings.

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